About the Program

Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice


Support policy, environment, and infrastructure change designed to promote wellness and prevent chronic disease in Bernalillo County, with a particular focus on reducing disparities among populations and neighborhoods that experience disproportionately high rates of chronic disease.

Under the framework of “collective impact”, the Bernalillo County Office of Health and Social Services CINCH  team is working  to implement broad evidence and practice–based community health initiatives in Bernalillo County, New Mexico. Complex large scale problems such as addressing chronic disease require a coordinated, structured, and collaborative approach. CINCH is a part of the Community Transformation Grant Program financed by 2013 Prevention and Public Health Funds, administered and supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Program Goals

CINCH works to improve the health of all Bernalillo County residents and reduce health disparities through evidence-based initiatives shown to prevent chronic disease. Each initiative follows one of four required strategic directions identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for Community Transformation Grant recipients.

  • Healthy Eating
  • Active Living
  • Tobacco-Free Living
  • High Impact Evidence-Based Clinical Preventative Services

How will we get there?

The CINCH implementation plan is the result of a two-year capacity building phase that included a detailed policy scan, health assessment, and series of interviews and focus groups with community members and stakeholders. Strategies were chosen after a comprehensive planning process that was led by a multisectoral planning team and vetted by community members. Initiatives will be carried out by partner organizations and partners already working on the strategic directions, with guidance and support from the CINCH staff. The three-year implementation plan begins in October 2013 and includes the following strategies:

  • Increase access to healthy, local produce by helping to establish a mobile produce vending initiative that will link County residents with local farmers
  • Support local farm-to-school initiatives that provide public school children with locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Work with key partners to open schoolyards after hours, providing County residents with safe places to play and exercise
  • Support Complete Streets policies that ensure safer streets for all users including those who walk, use wheelchairs, bike, drive, and use public transportation
  • Support increased availability of smoke free multi-unit housing and raise awareness of the effects of exposure to secondhand smoke
  • Reduce youth access to tobacco by educating merchants and community members about the penalties associated with selling tobacco to minors
  • Increase access to free health education, referrals, and preventive screening by connecting community members with well-trained, culturally competent community health workers

Who is involved?

CINCH draws from existing partnerships and linkages with other departments within Bernalillo County, the City of Albuquerque, and public/private sector stakeholders. The CINCH team benefits from a strong multi-sectorial leadership team representing a variety of entities within Bernalillo County, as well as a partnership with the Bernalillo County Community Health Council, which serves as the backbone community coalition for the CINCH project. Click here for information about our community partners.

Staff & Leadership Team

Meet the people behind the CINCH project here.