CINCH Capacity-Building Documents

Health Assessment
An updated, consolidated document prepared by the CINCH staff in October 2012 that presents chronic disease data for the county and for sub-populations within the county, with special attention to communities experiencing health disparities

Policy Scan
A thorough examination of existing and needed policies, environments, programs and infrastructure that have an impact on chronic disease, prepared by the UNM Prevention Research Center under supervision of the CINCH staff in August 2012

Community Feedback – Summary Presentation
A consolidated look at the issues and barriers to health identified during six focus-group style meetings with community members experiencing health disparities, as well as a series of  interviews with local community champions and service providers
CINCH Follow-Up Presentation for Community Groups
CINCH Follow-Up Presentation for Community Groups – Spanish

Strategic Communications Plan
A set of recommendations that details how the CINCH project and their community partners can disseminate messages in a clear, consistent manner
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CINCH Presentation for NMPHA
Overview of the CINCH project capacity-building phase, presented at the New Mexico Public Health Association 2013 annual conference